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Is Memory Foam easier to sleep on?

With the ever increasing popularity of Memory Foam mattresses, the question of whether a memory foam mattress is warmer to sleep on than a regular sprung mattress has become a common concern with our customers. We have found that customers who want to have the benefits of memory foam but are worried they might find it "too warm" will ask if this issue should be a concern or not.

So what is the truth about the warmth of memory foam?

Key points:
- Memory foam can feel a little warmer than a sprung mattress.
- Sleeping memory foam is NOT as warm as a regular foam.
- Most customers find that the warmth of memory foam is a plus point rather than a negative!

This is a question we get asked often and one which has to some extent been blown out of all proportion. What people have heard is that memory foam is extremely warm to sleep on. What may confuse people is that memory foam is not so much warmer to sleep on but that it reacts to the warmth from your own body. So in fact it is the person sleeping on the mattress that creates the warmth. It is true however that memory foam can feel a little warmer than a sprung mattress because there is less air circulation than a sprung mattress which has air has in-between its springs. Also, because the surface of the foam moulds itself to the contours of your body this can have a slight insulating effect.

Thanks to it’s open cell structure, memory foam finds a happy medium between the extreme warmth of other regular foams, but can feel warmer than conventional sprung mattresses. Overall if you would like the have all the benefits of memory foam but you are a little concerned about how warm it will be to sleep on we normally recommend customers who may sleep a little warmer than most should simply use a lower tog quilt or less top bedding.

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