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Which Mattress should I choose?

Sleep and relaxation in modern lives has become more important than ever resulting in people spending more time looking for the right mattress. We at Nest Sleep are aware of that and have studied sleep in great detail. Along with this we have used our expertise in foam to choose for you what we consider the market leaders in this concept. Please read through the following sections before choosing a product.


Sleep on your side?
If you sleep on your side you normally need a softer mattress. Your hips and shoulders should sink into the mattress keeping your spine aligned with the rest of your body. Your head should also be aligned correctly with your spine.

Sleep on your back?
If you sleep more on your back your body is in its most horizontal position and needs most support to the lower back and neck - pillows. Choose a medium to firm mattress to keep you aligned not to sink as much.

Sleep on your stomach?
This is the position you need most support around you lower back and neck. We recommend our firmer mattress if this your sleeping pattern.

* If there is a substantial weight difference between you and your partner we are able to provide 2 different mattresses to make up a 5ft or 6ft combination - split mattress

There are two main differences between mattress manufacturers:

Materials used &
Construction method

Materials used in the make up of the mattress are imperative for performance and longevity. The materials in a mattress can be compared to a luxury car and a non luxury car, were there is an obvious quality and performance difference - just so is the subsequent price difference - so it is our advice to consider this when looking at the cheaper alternatives. Nest Sleep will ONLY use the highest grade materials available. It is a prerequisite of Nest Sleep that all mattresses conform to British fire retardancy laws.

After successful construction of a memory foam mattress and its all important pressure map testing for pressure relief performance and weight distribution, it is then very important to choose the right cover. Comfort can be lost by using the incorrect cover due to its movement activity - it must move with the memory foam to perform - at Restezy we aim to achieve a 2 way stretch to offer these attributes. Nest Sleep fire retardant rules apply. All covers are hypo allergenic.

Construction method of a mattress is as important as building anything. If two materials are added together that do not have similar characteristics, it will not work. It is very important to know about density & firmness levels before you make or purchase a pressure relieving mattress. It has come to our attention that some manufacturers around the world are constructing mattresses without this knowledge producing cheap but inferior products.