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Memory Foam Guide

How Can Memory Foam Give Me a Better Night's Sleep?
A Guide to the Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses Create the Ideal Sleeping Environment
Every person has a unique body shape, and most beds just don't fit those curves well. A regular bed forces your body to conform to its shape, which means that your spine is twisted out of alignment by the curves of your body. Furthermore, your weight will be fully supported by the few points of your body that rest flat on the mattress, meaning that a lot of pressure will be centered on these areas. This can reduce blood circulation and increase the chances of your limbs falling asleep.

Your body will automatically try to relieve the discomfort of your spine and your pressure points by tossing and turning throughout the night, but this will prevent you from getting a deep night's sleep. You find that changing your position does not fully relieve the problem, and you may wake with sore muscles and an aching back or neck. For people with arthritis or circulatory problems, an uncomfortable mattress can be pure agony.

Memory foam mattresses, which were originally designed to protect astronauts from heavy G-forces during their launch into space, neatly solve both problems of spine alignment and pressure points. A memory foam mattress responds to your body temperature so that it actually conforms to your individual curves. This means that your spine can stay straight while you sleep, and that the weight of your body is not concentrated on a few points. The physical properties of the memory foam itself help to distribute your weight more evenly, relieving pressure. This is why memory foam mattresses are commonly used in hospitals.

The comfort of a memory foam mattress allows you to fall asleep quickly, and eliminates the need to toss and turn throughout the night, guaranteeing you a deeper, sounder sleep.

Memory Foam Isolates Motion
If you've ever been woken during the night by the movements of your spouse or partner, you have another excellent reason to invest in a memory foam mattress. Memory foam isolates motion, so that movements on one side of the bed are not transmitted to the other. Even if your partner comes to bed late, or gets up for a midnight snack, his or her movements won't disturb your sleep.

Memory Foam Manages Heat and Moisture
The unique cellular structure of memory foam helps air to flow freely throughout your mattress. This airflow reduces excess moisture and helps to dissipate extra heat while you sleep, helping you to wake feeling refreshed.

100% Memory Foam & Foam Mattresses Have No Springs Attached!
Memory foam mattresses do not rely on springs for their comfort and resiliency. This makes for an exceptionally quiet bed. No matter how much you bounce on a memory foam mattress, you won't be disturbed by the squeaking and squealing of springs. So, this means that you will avoid the nasty possibility of being poked and scratched by overstretched springs as your mattress ages.

How Does Sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress Feel?
When buying a memory foam mattress, remember that not all mattresses and pads are exactly alike. Some people worry that a memory foam mattress will not be firm enough for them, while others prefer a bed that feels like sleeping on a cloud. Luckily, memory foam mattresses come in a variety of firmnesses to suit every taste. Depending on the manufacturer in some mattresses only the uppermost layer of the mattress is made from memory foam, whereas the core of the mattress is made from firmer material. The thickness of the upper layer of memory foam has a lot to do with how soft or firm the mattress will be. Are the mattresses good for a bad back?
Yes, because the memory foam moulds itself to the 'S' shape of your back relieving pressure and reduces pressure points.

I don’t have a bad back; will the mattress help me in other ways?
Our mattresses are ideal for anyone as they promote a restful sleep. The nature of the mattress reduces the amount of tossing and turning up to 80% which is one of the main causes of restless sleep.

What if I can’t sleep on my new mattress?
All new mattresses seem strange to sleep on and take a while to get used to. Changes in sleeping surface can affect your sleep however your body will soon adjust. Even the smell or height of a new mattress can affect your sleep pattern. These changes will be the same with any new mattress, they will improve with time!

Why do Memory foam mattresses vary so much in price?
Just as you would find with sprung mattresses - there is a variety in quality and performance from memory foam products. The density and the thickness of the foam along with the construction method is normally the reason. Big company advertising may also inflate the price.

Do I ever have to turn a Memory Foam mattress?
Memory foam mattresses should not be turned. The foam should not distort of sag in its lifetime. The mattress can be rotated.

Can I remove the cover?
Yes you can remove unless it is has a traditional edged cover.

Can I wash the cover?
We recommended dry cleaning your cover as washing reduces fire retardant qualities, but it can be machine washed cool.

I usually get very warm. How can a Memory Foam mattress help this?
Memory foam mattresses have a unique open cell structure which allows air to circulate freely, however they do have the ability to retain body heat more efficiently than an ordinary mattress and you may need to reduce the thickness of covers accordingly.

Can I remove the cover off the pillow?
Yes you can to clean but we still recommend the use of a pillow case.

Which way do I position my contoured pillow?
Thicker section pointing away from head board in order for the neck to receive maximum support keeping your neck and spine alined.

We have an odd shape bed, can you provide a mattress to fit?
Yes, please contact us on 08000 84 26 84 or email sales@nestsleep.co.uk or look for a euro size mattress on our site if it measures 5' 3" in width.

Can you take away my old mattress?
Sorry we can’t help. The quickest and easiest way to dispose of the old mattress is to ask your local council. They will normally take it away free of charge

Can the mattress be used on an adjustable bed?
Yes, a foam mattress is best mattress you can use due to its flexability and continued support after flexing.

Can I use an electric blanket with my mattress?
We do not recommend the use of underblankets but an overblanket can be used.

Do the toppers work on most sprung mattresses?
Yes, firmer the better.

Do I need to buy a new base with my mattress?
Not in most cases - however we do not recommend the use of sprung divan bases.

What Should I Look for In a Memory Foam Mattress Retailer?
Buying a memory foam mattress is an investment in improving your life with a comfortable mattress capable of giving you a refreshing night's sleep. Therefore, it's important to buy from a retailer that you can really trust. A good memory foam mattress retailer should have experience in the industry, and be able to stand behind their products with warranties and comfort guarantees.

Why Should I Buy a Memory Foam Mattress from Nest Sleep? 
Nest Sleep is dedicated to providing its customers the benefit of years of experience in the bedding and healthcare industries. All of our products are guaranteed to be free of defects, and come with a money-back policy if the firmness or general feel doesn't suit your tastes. Plus, delivery is free within the UK mainland.

Ordering with Nest Sleep is easy. We accept orders by mail, telephone, or through a secure internet connection. If you need advice or assistance, simply call our local rate number, and we will be glad to help. Call free on 08000 84 26 84 now for help and advice.

Why spend a single more night in discomfort when you could be enjoying a peaceful night's sleep with a memory foam mattress? Order today!