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What are the benefits of Memory Foam?

Everyone deserves a comfortable, relaxing night's sleep. But many people suffer from restless nights caused by back pain or aching joints.

Eight out of ten people in the UK will suffer from back pain at some time during their lives and difficulty sleeping can often be caused by a hard mattress or bad posture. The wrong mattress can worsen these conditions if it is too hard, causing uneven pressure and bad posture as a result.
Discover the way to a more comfortable, refreshing night's sleep
You've seen it on TV and advertised in national magazines. The key to a natural sleeping position is Visco Elastic Memory Foam. With its unique pressure relieving properties you can experience a greater level of comfort than ever before.

The millions of microscopic memory pockets, used in this unique material, slowly react to your body heat and weight allowing the body to partially immerse, whilst moulding to the bodys contours offering optimum support and pressure relief.
The unique cell structure of Visco Elastic Memory Foam provides. . .
Full pressure relief for all your pressure points
Optimum support for your neck, back, shoulders and legs
Promotes the most beneficial anatomical sleeping position
Frees you from those niggling aches and pains

What is Memory Foam?
Memory Foam is a special foam originally developed to support astronauts in the NASA space programme. Since then, memory foam has been developed for various commercial uses, and has now been endorsed by many medical institutions for its unique pressure relieving properties which assist and improve circulation and help to reduce pressure points.
"Visco Elastic Memory Foam provides the very latest
in foam technology, a foam which returns to its
original shape EVERY TIME"

The open cell structure allows air to flow freely which helps to maintain a constant mattress temperature. Visco is also breathable, non-irritating and assists in the dissipation of moisture away from your body, ensuring the most comfortable sleep possible.
Recommended by Medical Professionals
Visco Elastic Foam has proved to be so effective, that it is now widely used in the production of many healthcare products, and is endorsed by the medical profession, osteopaths and physiotherapists. Clinical trials show that memory foam mattresses reduce body movements by up to 80% compared to a traditional mattress, ensuring a sleep experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.
The benefits of even weight distribution
Helps to prevent back pain
Improves poor circulation
Relieves muscular pain
Eases arthritic pains

Is your existing mattress too firm?
If you feel your mattress is too firm a Mattress Overlay is the perfect solution to transform your bed into a more comfortable, natural sleeping surface. When you wake in the morning you'll feel the difference a good nights sleep can make.