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Done the research and have more questions?

I hope you have found the Memory Foam Reports useful (ours or others) and wanted to give you a little more help with choosing the right mattress:

One of the most frequent problems our customers have with choosing a new mattress, is the huge selection available.

But don't worry, there IS a mattress that is just right for you and the information below will help you narrow down the choice!

We are all human who are different in lots of ways but sleep in a similar way... so we have narrowed down the best to suit all. 

Don't forget, if at any time you just want to "talk to a real person for advice" just call me on Free phone 08000 84 26 84 and we will be only too pleased to help you make the right choice.

Now on to some questions that wil help you narrow down your choice...

1, What's the main difference between a sprung+memory foam mattress and a foam+memory foam mattress:

A - Sprung with memory foam = COOLER & Comfortable B - Foam with memory foam = WARMER & More comfortable

That's it! - If heat is an issue (or a benefit) let this narrow your choice. Even if heat is an issue but you really want the benefits of a 100% memory foam mattress the quickest and easiest solution our customers choose is to use a duvet with a lower tog rating!

There's no complicated (or expensive) answer just an easy one that works!

2, What about the warranty?

All our mattresses have warranties and cover 100% of the most important period - THE FIRST TWELVE MONTHS! Some manufacturers offer a 15 year warranty, but are all subject to reducing cover over this period, which means whether it is 5, 10 or 15 year cover, they all have similar value in the most important stage of the mattress life. Almost all problems (very rare) that we have experienced with this type product is in the first week; not the 3rd year or even 3rd month! So always make sure the 1st year is a 100% Guarantee.

3, Can I wash the removable cover?

Yes you can! The reason some manufacturers recommend dry clean only, is to prolong the cover's fire retardant properties. The covers can be machine washed or by hand and the only effect of this is to gradually reduce the fire retardent properties over time.
NOTE: You should only use COOL wash and NOT tumble dry to avoid shrinkage!

4, What firmness should I/we choose?

The answer to this question really comes down to the weight of the person/people sleeping in the bed. The heavier a person is then the more they will compress the memory foam.

* Heavier people should choose a Medium to Firm Mattress
* Average and Lighter weight people should choose Medium
* Couples of varing weight could opt for a Pocket Spring with
Memory Foam which works very well for many customers.

Lastly we like to help you compare all our Memory Foam Mattresses quickly and easily so I've created a page that lists all the types we offer and the benefits of each one.

Well I hope these couple of questions and answers have been helpful and as always, if you would like further help choosing the right mattress for you just call me on Freephone 08000 84 26 84 and we'll make sure you make the right decision!

Warm regards,

Les Halliwell (MD & Founder)